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As you can see, we don't have much for support pages yet. The focus has been in developing the various features of the site, and not much time has gone into writing support pages. Over time, we'll be adding to this, so you can find help on every part of the site. In the meantime, if you have a question about something, you can head to the help and feedback forum for any questions.


If you ran into content that breaks the rules of the sites, where there is no report function available (such as on the forums), you can notify a moderator. Here is a list with the current moderators.

Audio moderators

Audio moderators approve or delete first submissions of new artists. They can also delete submissions, ban users from submitting even if they were already approved and mark submissions for moderator review (which makes them no longer publicly available).

The current audio moderators are Brittany, loans, Mich and Stupor.

Review moderators

Review moderators deal with reviews that break the reviewing rules. They can, as you may have guessed, delete reviews.

On reviews and replies to reviews, there is a report button which you can click if you spot an abusive review. When you click this, the review is added to a list of reported reviews, which review moderators have access to. If they decide the review is indeed abusive, they will delete the review, this causes everyone who reported the review to be awarded some experience points. However, if a review is falsely flagged, you can lose some experience points for flagging the review as such.

Don't let this stop you from flagging abusive reviews though, as the moderators also have a function that allows them to do a 'friendly delete' or a 'friendly dismiss'. When these are used, no-one is punished, and no-one is awarded either. These functions are for borderline cases, where the review is in a bit of a 'gray area' if it comes to breaking the rules or not.

The current review moderators are loans and Mich.

Forum moderators

Forum moderators take care of the order around the forums. They can lock topics, make topics a sticky, delete posts and temporarily ban users. They're also able to move topics from one category to another.

The current forum moderators are loans and Mich.


Administrators can take care of user account related issues, as well as all the moderator tasks. You can also contact them about any bugs you've encountered.

The current administrators are: Brittany, loans and Mich.

Site requirements

To use The Audio Portal properly, a screen resolution of at least 800x600 is recommended. Many pages rely on JavaScript, so to properly use the site, you should have it turned on.

All the latest major browsers are supported. If you're still using Internet Explorer 6, Netscape navigator, or worse, please upgrade to a recent browser.

TAP recommends Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Both of these have versions for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and common Linux distributions such as Ubuntu.