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ER901606    Posts / Contact
20/11/2011 20:24  Quote Reply
Sign-up: 20/11/2011
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Ok so, I made a last post about my competition, but much has changed since then. Such as, the $10 fee is gone. You no-longer have to pay to join in.

However, all the prizes (including the cash money) are still included!

Everything about the Competition can be explained at ThisIsAnEmergency.DoodleKit.com!

Visit it quick, as the chances for joining the tournament are closing quick!

To the moderators:
I am not trying to spam, or "promote" my website. I'm just trying to get all possible rappers on this Audio Portal aware of a chance to win a little cash and exposure for doing something they enjoy doing. As well as most Hip-Hop producers rap and would enjoy a little cash.

Please do not lock this topic, or disregard as spam and/or against the rules. I had to create this website to have the competition itself, as New Grounds had a problem with me giving money to the winner?

Thank you,
ER 901 606

(I will be posting my music on this website as well. I'm not just a random spammer.)

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